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    USDA Seeks Partnerships to Expand Conservation on Grazing Lands

    Thanks for posting this. I will let my favorite farmer here in N Utah know about this opportunity. I am working on his SOLAR now!
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    Solar panels handle heat better when they’re combined with crops

    I found this article really interesting. When you live in a watered desert, as N UTAH is, here along the Wasatch Front, you are constantly thinking about how to save water and how to continue farming as the earth gets warmer. This article explains that SOLAR PV do not like heat that much. And...
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    Hello AgriSolar enthusiasts. There are a lot of AgriSolar terms out there and I'd like to develop a dictionary of terms, with your input.

    ALL of the above. But in this article there may be one more term. Even though the use of Solar Panel to shade former agriculture land from drying a critical aspect of learning how to live in the drying South West US. Maybe we can discuss this article on here too. The word to add is...
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    Mentors wanted for our Peer-to-Peer mentor program

    Thanks Stacie.........Thanks. Right now it is in the network forming stage. I have one of the top Soil Management experts in Utah who teaches at Utah State Univ in Logan, at Utah Agricultural School......very interested in seeing what we can do. At the same time, a friend who runs the Grants...
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    Mentors wanted for our Peer-to-Peer mentor program

    Hi Stacey.....As a lifetime strategic marketing professional out of NYC, I salute you for working on:' "Are you an experienced AgriSolar site looking to connect and mentor aspiring sites? " Although all the projects I am working on here in N Utah take up all my time, I am empathetic to the...