AGRIVOLTAICS 2023 ( will take place on 30 October- 1 November 2023 at the Divani Caravel Hotel Athens, Greece, and will run in parallel together with the 13th International Conference & Exhibition on Green Flexible Printed Electronics Industry (ICEFPE23).

The event is organized by HOPE-A ( and the Nanotechnology Lab LTFN (
The rapid growth of the world population leads to the need to increase food production and energy generation.
However, a higher demand for food production would most certainly mean an increase in fossil fuel use and, as a result, greater greenhouse gas emissions.

Topics to be discussed include:
Energy Generation and Crop Production in Agriculture practice
Optimized Triple use of land
Energy Autonomy in Agriculture and Food Production
Sustainable Solutions to Provide Ecosystem Services
PV and OPV Panel Technologies for Agrivoltaics
OPV in Greenhouses and open Cultivation practices
Achieve zero CO2 emissions
LEDs and OLEDs for lighting and food harvesting
Water management
Flexible and Printed Electronics Applications (Lighting and Sensing) in Agriculture
Energy and Crop monitoring and control in hydroponic Greenhouses
AI Adapted in Agrivoltaics
Agrivoltaics Environmental Modelling
Hybrid Renewable Energy Sources (HRES) for Greenhouses
Sustainable Agricultural Activity
Minimizing Landscape and Environment impact
Off-grid Installations in Remote Locations
Societal, Environmental and Climate Change impact
Economics of Agrivoltaics and Business models
...and many more
I'm working an agrisolar in Australia. Would be very interested to attend the conference online. Is this possible? I have attached a presentation and would be happy to talk about our plans down here.
Julia McKay
Hi Julia,

I think it would be best if you contact the conference organizers to ask if this is possible. Here is their website: ( . There is also an agrivoltaics conference next June in the United States you should watch for. I haven't seen a call for abstracts yet but will post it here when I do see it.

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