If you are a young researcher/data scientist (Master's degree) with hands-on experience in machine/computer vision, machine learning or image data analytics, and (ideally) with genuine interest in renewable energies like solar PV, then this position and exciting project is for you.

Need more info? Email Ioannis (John) Tsanakas at

Over the last years, our research group at CEA-INES developed "ASPIRE" software prototype, based on a patented methodology for IR image-based diagnostics for PV plants.

The PhD Thesis will contribute to evolving ASPIRE around a novel data fusion and multispectral imagery approach. This way, we aim to bring our PV diagnostics framework to a whole new level in terms of diagnostic power, a potential breakthrough towards unmanned PV plants in the future.

If this alone does not motivate you already, then also consider that you will:
- Enjoy (and be supported by) a vibrant research and innovation ecosystem at CEA-INES and USMB, with several exciting projects and industrial partnerships on this topic.
- Be based in a wonderful location (INES Campus, Savoie Technolac), in the French Alps, in proximity to Lyon, Grenoble, Genève and Torino.

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