The ACRE3 (Advancing Colorado’s Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency) program is seeking applicants on a rolling basis. The program provides financial and technical assistance and education to help agricultural producers and processors cut energy costs, develop their own energy resources, and create markets for agriculturally-derived energy and fuels. A minimum of $150,000 is also available for agrivoltaic projects. CDA welcomes proposals advancing agrivoltaic ingenuity in Colorado.

All agricultural producers in Colorado with at least $5,000 in annual energy costs (not including vehicle fuel costs) are eligible to apply for a free technical report (worth about $5,000 each), including an on-farm energy efficiency audit or renewable energy feasibility study. Applicants who have received technical reports may be eligible for grants of up to 65% of project costs based on the recommendations of the technical reports. The maximum award is $500,000 per applicant or farm enterprise.

You can learn more about the Agricultural Energy Efficiency program from the Colorado Energy Office and from the Department of Agriculture.

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